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Founded by the well known Shri Liaquat hussain ansari, Sahara Education socity is a Premier Institution of India . Many students from classes I to XII are starting their carrier.
…You are here laying a foundation for the future of India and you are performing a very sacred duty. All that I want to say is don’t be contented with what you have achieved. The law of nature is either you move forward or you have to move backward. Therefore, if you want to move forward, you have to constantly work hard with determination and devotion To develop insight and provide concrete ways based on constant assessment to improve learning. To make the children mentally physically, emotionally and socially strong to face the complexities of the present world. To Achieve this Mission the school is vertically divided into four houses and five clubs from L.K.G. onwards. This helps in developing open mindedness among students and building confidence through inter house competitions.

Campus Events